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Medical Science Liaison Pathway Program


This fee-for-service program prepares scientific/clinical professionals for MSL job interviews by providing one-on-one guidance and support throughout the entire, arduous interview process.  The candidate works closely with the mentor and learns how to best market his/her knowledge, experience and skills to perspective employers.  Program includes the following a la carte services that are tailored to the needs of each candidate:  


Resume Preparation and Job Prospecting     

    - Develops a clear and concise functional resume that is easily reviewed.

    - Ensures that candidate’s knowledge, experience and skills relate to specific MSL job responsibilities.

​    - Develops “elevator pitch” when prospecting for job opportunities.

    - Outlines strategies to find appropriate MSL positions and network with key company people.


Virtual Seminars   

   - Provides background information for interviewing.  Topics include:

         Corporate culture, structure and function

         Role of Medical Affairs

         MSL roles and responsibilities

         Regulations and compliance

         MSL business acumen

         Clinical presentation development

Interview Preparation

    - Evaluates mock interview tailored for specific company.

    - Provides candid feedback on candidate's responses to queries.


Presentation Preparation

    - Evaluates mock presentation tailored for specific company.

    - Provides candid feedback on candidate's responses to queries.

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