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We identify highly talented MSL candidates
A Keen Eye for Spotting Talent


Successful MSLs have a well-balanced blend of analytical, communication and interpersonal skills, and an ability to adapt to changing demands of the job.  These demands include effectively working in virtual and "live" settings.


Our comprehensive, in-depth interviews assess analytical, verbal and non-verbal communication skills and question/answer behaviors. 


We evaluate each candidate to determine if they possess knowledge, experience and skills that are relevant to MSL job responsibilities.

We  evaluate MSL candidates
Finding the Right Fit

We work closely with the hiring manager to identify candidates who will best complement the MSL team and company cultures.

We are CONFIDENT that our candidates will meet or exceed your expectations and bring value to your research, education and business development initiatives.

We thoroughly search for MSL candidates
A Track Record of Success


Many of the MSLs we hired, trained and mentored have advanced their careers in Pharma, attaining upward mobility at small and large companies.

Our long-standing, well-established network of colleagues in academia and pharma facilitates finding the right candidate for the MSL position.

Current Positions of Former MSL Team Members

Laura Sinofsky-Bohm, M.S.,D.H.S.

Director of Psychiatry MSLs

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Michelle Widolff, Pharm.D.

Associate Director

Eisai US

David Rowe Wood, Ph.D.

Head of Medical Affairs

Milestone Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Nikolas Karkanias, Ph.D.

Global Medical Affairs Enablement Lead


Ghazal Banisadr, Ph.D.

Director, Medical Science Liaisons

Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Keith Dilly, Ph.D.

Medical Director, US Medical Affairs

Novartis Gene Therapies

Sheila (Everett) Elliott, Pharm.D.

Senior Director, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

David Freilich, Ph.D.

Director, Medical Affairs Strategy and Product Portfolio Development

Amneal Pharmaceuticals

James Monckton, Ph.D.

Regional Director, MSLs

SK Life Science, Inc


Thais Moreira, Ph.D., Pharm.D. 

MSL Field Director



Alison (Ogonowski) Murakami, Ph.D.

Vice President, Medical Affairs

SkinCeuticals, L'Oreal

Mary (Callanan) Leuchars, M.D.

Senior Medical Director

Ovid Therapeutics

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